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Equipment Use Safety… Are You doing the right thing, the wrong way?

For example, trying to eliminate the fire hazards around your home and in the process starting a wildland fire? Each year CAL FIRE responds to more than 1,600 fires started by Californians using equipment the wrong way. MORE…

WHY 100 FEET?… Because Defensible Space is YOUR responsibility

When creating DEFENSIBLE SPACE, keep these safety tips in mind:

All equipment with an internal combustion engine must be equipped with an approved and operable spark arrestor.

Metal blades striking rocks can create sparks and start fires. Use caution.

To protect water quality and habitat do not remove vegetation associated with water, avoid using heavy equipment near waterways and do not clear vegetation near waterways to the bare mineral soil. Keep soil disturbance to a minimum. Read a Brochure…

Winter Storm Safety and Preparedness

When significant storms are forecast for the central coast of California, Carmel Highlands residents are advised to assure that they have necessary supplies for at least three days and that they remain “sheltered in place” in their homes, at least during the wind portion of the storm.

Change Your Clocks – Change Your Batteries – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Reverse 911 Notification System

Emergency notification technology to improve communications and keep our residents informed & safe. In 2009 the Carmel Highlands FPD and the Cypress FPD implemented an automated telephone, cell phone and email notification system referred to as “Reverse 911.” The computer based map and data system allows for dissemination of emergency information to residents and businesses by land line, cell phone and email. This rapid delivery of information to the entire community or specific areas provides important information or potentially life-saving instructions in times of crisis.